In 2004- Tsunami hit Asia countries and the worst hit countries were Sri Lanka & Indonesia. 

In response to appeal from the St. John Ambulance of Sri Lanka, St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, State of Selangor launched the “SJAM-Selangor Asia Tsunami Humanitarian Fund” on December 31, 2004, in aid of the Sri Lankan tsunami victims. Over the 3 days collection exercise, the partners-in-service from Jenjarom, Tanjung Sepat and Klang collected overwhelming 140 tons of supplies – rice, instant noodles, flour, mineral water, biscuits worth RM450,000  from our generous Malaysians. More than RM60,000 cash donation were collected to purchase essential medical supplies for the victims in Sri Lanka. 

DHL, Malaysia International Shipping Corporation, Transmile Airline, West Port Management provided logistic support.
Foods & agriculture equipments were also send to Indonesia with the logistic support from Global Sikh Association based in Penang. Goods were received by our counter-part (St. John Ambulance of Sri Lanka) for distribution.