SJAM - SDE  Program 2019  
05(Sat) 06 (Sun) Officers' First Aid Examination & Re-examination State Training & Exam
12 (Sat)   1st National Officers’ Meeting 2019
29th State/Regional Commander and National Officers’ Meeting
Committee Meeting of 55th SJAM Ceremony
“Fellowship” Dinner for year 2019 and Unveil of Dato’ Dr. Low Bin Tick’s
“Banner” Bailiffs Grand Cross of the Order of St John
13 (Sun)   ISO Awareness Course  NHQ
02 (Sat) 03 (Sun) CNY 2019 Highway Duty (Session 1) NHQ
09 (Sat) 10 (Sun) CNY 2019 Highway Duty (Session 2) NHQ
24(Sun)   State Administration Workshop State Hon. Secretary
14 (Sat) 17 (Tues) Study Trip to SJA Hong Kong NHQ
22 (Fri) 25 (Mon) National Officers’ Training Course - Pulau Pinang NHQ
23 (Sat) 24 (Sun) Footdrill Seminar NHQ
23 (Sat)   85th SJAM SDE Anniversary Dinner SHQ
24 (Sun)   64th State First Aid & Home Nursing Competition cum 85th State HQ Anniversary Dinner State Operations
30 (Sat) 31 (Sun) Sate NCOs' Course State Operations
13 (Sat) 14 (Sun) Advance First Aid Course State Training & Exam
21 (Sun)   Advance First Aid Examination State Training & Exam
28 (Sun)   Advance First Aid Re-Examination State Training & Exam
27 (Sat) 28 (Sun) 61st National First Aid & Home Nursing Competition NHQ
26 (Sun)   State NCOs' & Officers' Promotion Ceremony State NHQ
01 (Sat) 02 (Sun) Hari Raya 2019 Highway Duty (Session 1) NHQ
08 (Sat) 09 (Sun) Hari Raya 2019 Highway Duty (Session 2) NHQ
15 (Sat)   KSTU Area Charity Dinner KSTU
22 (Sat) 23 (Sun) Train the Trainers' Course & Refresher Course State Training & Exam
22 (Sat) 25 (Tue) Air Attendant Course KSTU
24 (Mon)   World St. John Celebration Day  
29 (Sat)   Train the Trainers' Exam & Re-sit Exam State Training & Exam
07 (Sun)   2nd National Officers’ Meeting 2019 NHQ
14 (Sun) KSU Run KSU
20 (Sat)   Malaysia & Singapore First Aid Competition
111th SJAM Anniversary Banquet Dinner
27 (Sat)   KSB Area Charity Dinner KSB
08 (Thu)  13 (Tue) Study Tour to Sydney State HQ
17 (Sat)   KSS Area Charity Dinner KSS
24 (Sat) 25 (Sun) Ambulance Service Staff Training State Medical
01 (Sun) 31 (Tue) Flag Day Campaign NHQ
 TBC    National Convention NHQ
TBC    SJAM In-House Award Investiture Ceremony 2019 NHQ
TBC    SJAM Appreciation Banquet Dinner NHQ
21 (Sat)   KSTS Area Charity Dinner KSTS
 -    -  -
 28 (Thurs)  01 Dec (Sun)  National Officers’ Training Course - Malacca NHQ
11 (Wed)  15 (Sun) 30th State Cadet Camp