Haemodialysis Service Managed by KPS

St. John Ambulance of Malaysia - Selangor Coastal Area (SJAM-KPS) started the first Haemodialysis Centre in Klang with two dialysis machines, each donated by the management of Klang Port Authority (LPK) and Klang Port Management (KPM) in late 1993. The dialysis service is offered only to patients from the low and middle income group.

In the early stage, due to financial constraints, the service runs on self-care concept, meaning the patients do their dialysis treatment after attaining training and treatment at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital 's Haemodialysis Centre.

In view of the increasing number of patients seeking dialysis treatment, SJAM-KPS Haemodialysis Service organized a big fund-raising campaign in 1996 to raise fund for a major renovation to expand the existing premise now known as Station 01.  The move led to additional 8 dialysis machines donated by the corporate & public sector.

Station 01 Interior

interior view


Views of the Haemodialysis Centre

An increase in patients and machines also saw the employment of its 1st qualified staff and two nursing aids to not only provide quality service to patients but also to run the service professionally and efficiently, although this meant additional expenditure.                                                                              
To date, we have more than 230 full-time staff running the Administration, 24 Hr Ambulance Service, Haemodialysis Service & Public First-Aid Training. 
More staff will be recruited as our services expand.

Today we are proud to operate 17 dialysis centers nationwide with more than 230 dialysis machines and more than 450 dialysis patients under our care.  Another 3 centers will be set-up within the next 2 to 3 years and mostly will be in the rural areas as our belief is to bring the service to them rather than they coming to us thus cutting down their expenses & traveling time.

In late 2001, we decided that ISO 9001 : 2000 be achieved for the Administration, Haemodialysis Service, Ambulance Service.

On March 2002, we achieved the ISO 9001 : 2000 and entered into the Malaysia Book of Records with 2 records namely 1st NGO & 1st NGO Haemodialysis Service respectively to receive ISO 9001 : 2000

This ISO 9001:2000 was upgraded to 9001: 2008 in August 2010 to ensure more stringent quality service.


The purpose for the ISO is to ensure quality service, efficient & systematic operation.


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