Besides the First Aid Courses conducted for the members of the school and institution divisions, SJAM-SDE also organize public lectures and First Aid classes for companies, factories and government agencies. Our courses covers:
  • First Responder Life Support
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • First Aid*
*First Aid Topics - (Choking, Shock, Burn Injury, Fractures & Splinting, Bandaging & Dressing, and Wound & Bleeding.)
Public Participants can attend the following Public First Aid Course in English (BI) or Bahasa Malaysia (BM) on the following dates:
2018 Public First Aid Classes
English Classes Dates

25/1 (Thursday), 13/2 (Tuesday). 20/3 (Tuesday), 19/4 (Thursday), 17/5 (Thursday), 26/6 (Tuesday),  26/7 (Thursday),
15/8 (Wednesday), 18/9 (Tuesday), 25/10 (Thursday),
15/11 (Thursday), 18/12 (Tuesday)
Bahasa Malaysia Classes Dates
9/1 (Selasa), 8/2 (Khamis), 15/3 (Khamis), 10/4 (Selasa),
8/5 (Selasa), 12/6 (Selasa), 10/7 (Selasa),  
9/8 (Khamis),
13/9 (Khamis), 11/10 (Khamis), 8/11 (Khamis), 13/12 (Khamis)
by replying a completed application form attached with
the prove of payment (2 weeks before the date of the course).
For further inquiry about Public First Aid Course, 
please fax to 03-3372 4898 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a simple requisition letter with company letterhead attention to Ms. Azlina