Brief History

St. John Ambulans Malaysia - Kawasan Pantai Selangor 
is also known as SJAM-KPS.

St. John Ambulans Malaysia Klang Corp. was officially upgraded and renamed St. John Ambulans Malaysia- Kawasan Pantai Selangor in mid 1977 followed with a grand parade on 1" February 1978.

In 1978, SJAM-KPS had the strength of about 200 adult members and over 500 cadet members. 

A double storey shop lot in Berkeley Garden was purchased in 1977 and used as Area HQ until 1981 when it moved out to its present rented premise. The shop lot which was rented out until 1991 was then sold and the money placed in the fixed deposit of MBB.

SJAM-KPS Brigade

Over the past 30 years, St. John Ambulans Malaysia, Kawasan Pantai Selangor (SJAM-KPS) was served by various people in their capacity as Area Commander, Deputy Area Commander, Area Superintendent, Hon. Area Secretary & Hon. Area Treasurer and they were/are as follows:-


1) Dr Chen Soo-Se 1978
2) Tuan Ho Thiam Hock 1980
3) Tuan Neow Peng Teck 1990
4) Tuan Kok Wong Kit 1992 (Deceased)
5) Tuan Neow Peng Teck 1994
6) Tuan Yeo Kim Thong 1999
7) Tuan Lim Wun Lok 2004 -01.10.2009


1) Puan Ng Sew Wan 1999-2004


1) Tuan Kok Wong Kit 1990 (Deceased)
2) Puan Hwang Chio Tin 2000
3) Tuan Tan How Kang 2004 - 01.10.2007


1) Tuan Neow Peng Teck 1978
2) Tuan Kok Wong Kit 1980 (Deceased)
3) Tuan Yeo Kim Thong 1985
4) Puan Chwa Siew Ngoh 1999
5) Puan Lim Yih Siah 2004-2006
6) Puan Lim Sonnie 2007-31.12.2009
7) Tuan Tan Yeong Kwan 01.01.2010


1) Tuan Ho Thiam Hock 1978
2) Tuan Neow Peng Teck 1980
3) Tuan Kok Wong Kit 1985 (Deceased)
4) Tuan Yeo Kim Thong 1990
5) Tuan Lim Wun Lok 2003
6) Tuan Ng Wee Chong 2004-2006
7) Tuan Ng Chee Kai 01.07. 2009


1) Tuan Kok Wong Kit 1979 (Deceased)
2) Tuan Yeo Kim Chong 1980
3) Tuan A.Raguchandran 1985
4) Puan Hwang Chio Tin 1990
5) Tuan Ng Wee Chong 2004
6) Tuan Hng Chee Leong 2006
7) Tuan Tan Yeong Kwan 01.07 2009 - 31.12.2010
8) Tuan Ho Swee Wai 01.01.2010

Organization Profile

Mr. Burnard Yeo Kim Thong had a vision of a proper managed 24 hrs Ambulance service and officially started the service in 1990 with 1 fully equipped ambulance donated by Dato Jimmy Ng Keng Joo, though the ambulance service started way back in 1978 with 1 sparely equip ambulance, and the rest is history.

Today this service is very well accepted and recognized by the public, private & government sectors.
(Community Service - Ambulance Service)

In 1993, Mr. Burnard Yeo Kim Thong started the 1st NGO Haemodialysis Service to cater the low & middle income renal patient after many patients approached him for financial help to seek treatment in KL General Hospital as Klang General Hospital yet to provide such service then. (Community Service - Haemodialysis Service)

With the success of the above 2 services, Mr. Burnard Yeo Kim Thong went further to expand & improve the services to ensure quality service and in 1998 SJAM-KPS went through a tremendous & aggressive push on community service on Haemodialysis Service & 24 hrs Emergency Ambulance Service & Public Training in First-Aid and as such, sort of 'corporatized' the services under a Chief Operating Officer (COO) as a separate entity from Kawasan Pantai Selangor - Area HQ and known as SJAM-KPS Foundation and went on to achieve the ISO 9001:2000 on 04.06.2002 including the recruitment of memberships & training.

SJAM-KPS also achieved 2 records into the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) as the

  • 1st NGO to achieve ISO 9001:2000 &

  • 1st NGO Haemodialysis Service to achieve the ISO 9001:2000

SJAM-KPS Foundation oversee the following departments:-

Administration, Account, IT, 24hrs Ambulance Service, Haemodialysis Service, Public Duties,

Public First-Aid Courses, SJAM Store Supplies, Public Relations, Haemodialysis Main Store, 

Haemodialysis Maintenance & Records