With a vision to centralize the administration system, the Administration Department, the brainchild of Tuan Yeo Kim Thong was set up in 1979 with a full-time staff reporting to him directly. Officers & In-charges were also briefed on the implementation of proper documentation and filing system. Assets of Divisions were handed over to Area HQ for maintenance & safe keeping.

A Centralized Administration system was set-up and all divisions' property was also centralized and stored in the Area store. The then only ambulance, a Volkswagen, donated by Chung Khiaw Bank Bhd to Division 4 was also placed under the Area care.

Due to the workload of the Administration Department and space constraint of the Area HQ, 1990 saw the shifting of the Administration Department to its present premise with the kind & generous free usage of the whole 1st floor of No. 2984, Bangunan Yeo Cheng Swee. Thank you very much to the management of Yeo Cheng Swee & Sons Sdn Bhd for their generosity.

Today, we occupy 6 floors of Yeo Cheng Swee & Sons' building, housing the following:

01) Administration Dept.
02) Account Dept.
03) Haemodialysis Service Dept.
04) Ambulance Service Dept.
05) Purchasing Dept.
06) Public Relation Dept.
07) IT Dept.
08) Public First-Aid Training Dept.
09) SJAM-Store Supplies.
10) Haemodialysis Main Store Supplies.

Over the years, as workload of the Administration Department increased, more administrative staff were engaged.

Additional office equipments were acquired to cope with the workload. Administration system was improved as and when required. Today, we are proud to be the role model in the organization with many Area and State HQs coming to visit us to learn our success.

Due to our expansion, SJAM-Kawasan Pantai Selangor (SJAM-KPS) is now in the midst of registering a Foundation that will be known as SJAM-KPS Foundation and will be a separate entity from SJAM-KPS and governed by a Board of Trustees.

In 2001 the segregation of Administration Department within the Area HQ took place and saw the formation of the so-called 'foundation' to administer the community services. The need to segregate the full-time services from the brigade activities was decided so as not to burden the brigade in future fund-raising for the community services. The separation became reality in 2002 with the new set-up chart.

Today, the Administration Dept. has more than 30 full-time staff involving administration, purchasing, public duties, public training, ambulance service, haemodialysis service, store supplies & fund raising.

We achieved ISO 9001:2000 since 2002 to ensure consistence quality service and in 2010 the ISO standard was upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 on more rigid procedure.

Total workforce including Ambulance Service & Haemodialysis Service stand at more than 200 full-time staff.

More staff will be engaged to cope with the workload and with this will also see further expansion of the office space.

SJAM-KPS Administration Office

Chief Operating Officer's Office

Administration  Department

Account Department

Haemodialysis Department

Ambulance Department

Ambulance Department

Public Relationship Department

PR Department

SJAM Store Supplies Department


Store Supplies Dept


Purchasing Department

purchasing Department


Public First-Aid Training Department

Traning Department


Haemodialysis Main Store Department

Haemodialysis main store

Information Technology (IT)

IT Department