The Private Healthcare Facilities And Service Act 1998 and its regulation ('the ACT') requires that only nurses and medical assistants with a certificate in Post Basic in Haemodialysis Nursing be allowed to attend to patients receiving haemodialysis treatment. With the implementation of the Act in 2011, SJAM-KPS faces problem in signing up its nurses for such course as there is a shortage of places by accredited institution that provide such training.

About MOU

With the signing of MOU, i Medic will be able to provide teaching and training in Post Basic in Haemodialysis Nursing to 30 nurses a year. Nurses in SJAM-KPS will benefit from the knowledge gained in the training and will also have better career prospect with the added qualification.

SJAM-KPS wishes the community to note that it has taken pro-active step in solving the shortage of institution that can provide accredited training in post basic in renal. Rather than passively wait for allocation of training places to nurses of SJAM-KPS, SJAM-KPS has found solution with this cooperation with I Medic.

SJAM-KPS is also pleased that it is one step closer in fulfilling all the requirements of the Act.