Public Duties

Administration will receive request for duties from public & private sectors as well as the government agencies. No Divisions are allowed to accept public duties.

SJAM Store Supplies

SJAM-KPS Foundation took over the store from National HQ in 2009 and restructure the system and name it SJAM Store Supplies. We now have authorized 19 SJAM Store stockist nationwide and more will be appointed for the convenient of our officers & members.  
We are proud that our products now carry the branding of SJAM Store thus signifying a new chapter of our SJAM Store. More innovative ideas will be implemented as time go by.

Recruitment of Memberships & Training

Recruitment are done at the beginning of each year by Area Headquarter and trainees will undergo training on foot drill & first-aid. Members will sit for the first-aid examination by early May and upon passing of the first-aid examination, members can then put on their uniform signifying they are qualified as first-aider.

Members will perform public duties and attachment to hospital for exposure. Members will then sit for their advance first-aid to qualify to attend the trainers' course. Upon completion & passing the trainers' course, they will then be sent out to train members & public in first-aid.

Upon passing first-aid, nursing members are encouraged to attend nursing training. The training will enhance members' knowledge and skill in home nursing.

Trainings are conducted under the C. A. T. (Centralized Adult Training) system where all adult members are group together for centralized training for a period of 8 weekends from March to April every year. They are taught the basic first-aid & foot drill. First-aid Course is also provided to private & public sectors upon request. The C. A. T. was implemented in 1997 so as to standardized the training module and time saved.