24 hrs Emergency Ambulance Service

SJAM-KPS is the first Area in the history of St. John Ambulance Malaysia, if not the 1st NGO in the country,  to provide the ambulance service. In 1978, we started our ambulance service with 2 ambulances and the officers as voluntary drivers due to the financial constraint. Whatever monies collect were put into our ambulance funds for operation expenses.

Our 1st full time driver was engaged in 1990 and today we have 22 full time ambulance drivers manning the 24 hours ambulance service providing free service for emergency calls like road accidents, disasters & etc. We levy a minimum charge for private transfer cases in order to cover our ambulance service operations.








Brief History

Area HQ made do with 2 ambulances, 1 unit was the Volkswagon from Division 4 and another was the Holden station wagon converted into an ambulance, in 1984 Mr & Mrs Andrew Leong Wye Keong (now Datuk & Datin) donated the 3rd ambulance - a Ford Econovan.

1987, we took delivery of 8 condemned ambulances (all Ford Transit) from the Klang General Hospital and repaired 1 ambulance among the condemned with spare parts taken from the others ambulances. Sold 1 unit to NS 3rd Area with the rest sold off as scrap.

In 1990 our 1st fully equipped ambulance, donated by Dato' Jimmy Ng Keng Joo, saw the birth of our 24 hrs Emergency Ambulance Service along with 1 full time staff followed by another a few months later to cope with the demand.
Thanks to Mr. Burnard Yeo Kim Thong's vision & effort, this service saw the birth of many ambulances & support vehicles over the years.

In 1990, Area HQ decided that all future ambulances acquired will be registered under plate No. 911,  an identification code for each ambulance and the vehicle to be Toyota Hiace due to its performance and durability as traditionally most of the SJAM ambulances were either Volkswagon, Nissan C-20 or Ford.

In 1991 sold the 4th ambulance (Ford Transit) to SJAM-Kawasan Selangor Utara at a token sum following the donation by Dato Jimmy Ng Keng Joo in 1990 of the 5th ambulance in memory of his late father, the late Mr Ng Tai Chong, ( a Toyota Hiace) Dato Jimmy further donated 2 more ambulances (6h & 7 h) in 1995 & 1997 with Dato Lim Lee Cheng donated the 8th ambulance in 1996. The rest is history.


By this time, many State and Area HQs approached us to help them in booking and furnishing of ambulances (all Toyota Hiace) due to our experience in delivery of furnished ambulances.

To-date we have:
21 ambulances, 11 staff cars, 
1 mobile store,  3 mini bus, 1 window van
1 command post & 1 motorbike, 3 scooters

We are proud that all our ambulances are fully equipped to handle any emergency cases and acknowledged as CLASS A equipped. The Ambulance Service Dept. now has 22 fulltime staff and more will be recruited to meet the demand.

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