Brief History

In 1992, many renal patients in Klang approached us for financial help as they underwent dialysis treatments in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

Hospital. Klang Gen. Hospital at that time yet to start the haemodialysis service. After assessing the cost of treatments and the facilities available, we then decided that a centre must be set-up for the low & middle income patients in Klang so as to lessen their financial burden & travelling time.

In 1993, we started the self-care haemodialysis centre with 2 donated dialysis machine located in our Area Hq and believed to be the 1st NGO dialysis centre to be launched in Malaysia outside the government & private hospitals having dialysis facilities.

In 1994, another 4 donated dialysis machines came in thus making a total of 6 machines and 3 full-time staff were employed to man the centre. At the same time we also upgraded the 'Deionized Water System' to 'Reversed Osmosis Water System'. We also upgraded the centre's facilities to give a comfortable environment to the patients during treatment.

In the year 2000, 4 more dialysis machines were donated, making a total of 10 machines. The following year, another 3 machines came in thus making a total of 13 machines. From 3 dialysis staff, we increased to 10 nursing aides & 1 full time medical assistant along with a few part-time medical assistants.

3rd Shift

With the increase of patients, we took a bold step forward by implementing 3rd shift in 1996 to cater more patients and also to maximize the dialysis machines. This result in additional operation & maintenance cost but worthwhile in the interest of dialysis patients. We were advised against starting the 3rd shift as no centres ever run on 3 shifts, but we went ahead with strict guideline and came out successful and prove the critics wrong - that nothing is impossible. Even the government hospital are now running on 3 shifts after assessing our performance.

By 1999, we were running on full capacity with waiting list from the Klang Gen. Hospital (Haemodialysis Dept.). A decision was made to start another new centre with 30 machines capacity and the biggest in Klang. A shop lot was acquired in the year 2000 and massive renovation was done. The new centre started operation on 12.08.2001 and known as Station 2 with the previous as Station 1.

Station 1 now cater to renal failure patients with hepatitis B, C and BC positive and is the only centre in Malaysia that cater to patients with hepatitis.

Nanyang Press Foundation

In early 2003, Nanyang Press Foundation visited us and was impressed with our operation and dropped the bombshell to collaborate with us and requested us to identify 2 locations to set-up dialysis centre. Banting, Selangor & Kampar, Perak were identified with many low & middle income groups seeking treatments in Klang Valley & Ipoh respectively.

Nanyang Press Foundation provide the financial aids and SJAM-KPS with its experience and expertise soon saw the operation of this 2 centres known as Station 3 for Banting & Station 4 for Kampar with 11 dialysis machines each.

Station 3 (Banting) started operation on 17.11.2003 whilst Station 4 (Kampar) started on 01.01.2004.

From hereon, we never look back but move aggressively to set-up more centres in the outskirts of major towns so as not to burden the renal patients in term of time travelling and expenses. In other words, bring the service to them rather then they coming to us.

Rotary Club of Pudu

Rotary Club of Pudu came in and sponsored us 3 dialysis centres (Station 5, 9 & 11) costing about RM 1.5 million, and today we have 16 centres and our target is to operate 20 dialysis centres.


A SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) was created & centralized for all Centres Manager as guideline so as to ensure no hi-cup in the daily operation.

A centralized purchasing & delivery system was also created for haemodialysis centralized store so as to ensure consistence stock for all the centres and also enable the Purchasing Manager to monitor the stock control.

Manpower strength in the haemodialysis now stand at 5 Medical Assistants, 32 State Registered Nurse (SRN), 97 Nursing Aides & 3 Cleaners Whilst the Ambulance Service manpower stands at 22 fulltime staff..

Haemodialysis Centres

Our Haemodialysis Centres are located in:

Station Name Location No of Dialysis Machine Operation Date
Station 1 & Area HQ Klang, Selangor 10 01-11-1993
Station 2 Klang, Selangor 28 12-08-2002
Station 3 Banting, Selangor 11 17-11-2003
Station 4 Kampar, Perak 24 01-01-2004
Station 5 Rawang, Selangor 12 01-10-2004
Station 6 Kuala Selangor, Sel. 16 01-08-2005
Station 7 Klang, Selangor 08 01-01-2006
Station 8 Sibu, Sarawak 20 01-05-2006
Station 9 Raub, Pahang 10 17-07-2006
Station 10 Bintulu, Sarawak 11 01-02-2007
Station 11 Shah Alam, Selangor 10 11-12-2006
Station 12 Balakong, Selangor 08 12.11.2006
Station 13 Tasik Puteri, Selangor 12 02.07.2007
Station 14 Serdang Jaya, Selangor 11 17.05.2010
Station 15 Ipoh, Perak 07 01.03.2010
Station 16 Bidor, Perak 11 03.01.2011